LOA 16'1"
Beam 51"
Transom 17.5"
Draft 3½ - 4" Fully Loaded
Dry Weight 200 - 225 lbs Depending on Options
Power 20 hp Prop or Jet




• 100% Composite Construction
• Hand laminated hull

• Heavy Duty Extended Bow Cap Standard
• Unique hull design provides legendary stability and stealth
• Dry, stable ride.
• Flat floors throughout
• Built in storage for up to 9.5' rods, guns or gear

• 100% No Rivet Construction. We use the highest quality stainless steel bolts and screws.
• Bench seats at optimal height to serve as a casting platform

• From $3999



The Rivermaster SRO comes standard with our seating and storage module that includes front and rear bench seats that were carefully designed to double as stable casting platforms and long, deep rod storage trays along each gunnel that will easily accommodate up to 8 large arbor 9 ½' fly rods, shot guns or gear.




The multiple use technical skiff that set the new standard for versatility, durability, stability and stealth, the Rivermaster SRO is a stripped down, no nonsense skiff that was designed to go from swift rocky rivers to open choppy lakes and bays to salty flats and everything in between without compromise. The Rivermaster SRO offers excellent performance under prop, jet or surface drive outboard propulsion. It's dead quiet hull, reverse chines and full length mini keel provide for excellent tracking. The Rivermaster SRO is a pleasure under push pole, oars or even paddling. No other skiff offers this versatility.
Getting you to the fish doesn't do much good if you don't have a stable platform to work from once you get there. The SRO hull was designed to fish three large adults all standing at the same time. There is no trying to anticipate the other anglers movement or worrying about being thrown off balance. This legendary stability is fast becoming a favorite of waterfowlers who need a tough skiff that is stable enough to stand and shoot from atop the benches with a retriever moving about. With the addition of our removable SRO Rowing Frame, our clients are accessing sections of river that were simply too shallow for drift boats. The Rivermaster power drifter configuration comfortably accommodates a rower/guide and two anglers.
All of our hulls are hand laid with the finest resins, cloths and substrates available. These boats were designed as hard working tools for professionals – this means that being dragged over gravel bars, oyster beds or stumps is all in a days work for the Rivermaster. This explains why a full one third of our clients are professional guides, public safety agencies or commercial users who need to operate in tough shallow water environments yet retain safe big water crossing capabilities.

Our ultra-efficient hulls and Power Flare ™ design allows the skiff the get up on plane sooner with less power. We recommend 15 to 20 hp outboards but have several clients who have powered with outboards as small as 9.9 hp for specialty applications. This also means that all of the traditional jet power calculations are out the window as the Rivermaster has tested very well moving 3 adults against heavy river flows with jets as small as 14hp at the nozzle – an amazing light weight configuration that no one else can offer.
Weather you fish rivers, lakes or salt marshes, there is little point in owning a great small skiff id you're afraid to cross open choppy water. The Rivermaster's sharp point of entry and efficient hull shape make it the most comfortable and driest riding small skiff on the market.
Guides, hardcore anglers and hunters alike will appreciate the ample storage trays along each of the gunnels which can accommodate up to 8 large arbor 9 ½' rods or multiple shotguns. They also make a great storage area for all gear the needs to be out of the way but quickly accessed. The open floor plan provides ample room for coolers, batteries and all the gear you could ever want or need. The wide fore and aft bench seats have been carefully designed to provide a comfortable, stable platform for casting, poling or shooting.



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